School Song

The Gift of a Dream

The School Song of Box Hill

The Gift of a Dream

The School Song of Box Hill

With the support and participation of children, families and staff from all 4 campuses, we have successfully recorded our Box Hill school song, ‘The Gift of a Dream’, in February 2018.

The lyrics of the song symbolises Box Hill’s philosophy and belief: to provide a safe and positive environment for our children, let them learn to love and care for others, bring hopes and dreams to the ones who need care and love, and to be confident to dream and achieve what they want to be.

We sincerely would like to share this ‘gift of a dream’ with our children and families and we hope we can pass this gift on to everyone we love and care.


Seeing the world and explore what we do
Finding the talent inside you
We share and we dare
Here in Box Hill we will learn to prepare

Bringing the joy to the ones who need care
Learning to love and know what is fair
We smile, we laugh, we play
Box Hill will lead our way

Children of the future
What do we have to give
Children full of wisdom
Born to be proud and unique

We have a dream
that we believe
As we grow on
We will be strong
When we unite hand in hand in Box Hill

We have a dream
We will achieve
Trying our best everyday
Ready to go for what you want to be
We do believe