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Infants and Toddlers (6 Months to 2 Years Old)

Understanding the brain development in the first few years of newborns undergoes rapid development, it is important to seize this opportunity to provide them with ample stimulations to prepare them for their future learning.

Our infants and toddlers classes aim at providing a safe, stimulating and dynamic environment for young children to explore with their senses. The classes feature a wide variety of sensory and language-rich activities, helping children build up their sense of curiosity and love of learning, getting them to ready for the next step of growing and learning.

Class Arrangement

6 – 12 months

Focus on different aspects of sensory-motor activities, enhancing infants’ brain and physical development

12 – 18 months

Fully immersed in our English environment, young children will start their first step in learning through play and develop different essential skills for learning

18 – 24 months

With progression from the previous level, children will gain more confidence and independence and be ready for the next step of learning.

*Children from our infant and toddler/ 18-24 months classes are exempted from interviews if they apply for our pre-nursery class (2-3 years old).

Enrichment Programmes (2 – 6 Years Old)

Children are curious and active in nature. It is a good idea to expose them to different experiences and help them find their interest and to build up their confidence.

We provide a wide range of enrichment programmes for children aged 2-6 years old, ranging from language to sports, from quiet to active. All our enrichment programmes are conducted in English.

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