At Box Hill schools, we are committed to excellence in the provision of care and educational programmes. We aim to provide a diverse curriculum, reflecting on all children’s individual needs. We encourage creativity, deliver enriching educational experiences, promote school readiness and holistic development for all children.  All children are encouraged to engage with our child-centred facilities and environment which supports the prime-learning areas. Children learn through play, positive modelling from their peers, own interests, and from educators.

Our educators are committed to providing a positive, warm and caring atmosphere for our children and their families while attending our programs.  We aim to provide a curriculum that reflects the interests of the children. We strive for the curriculum to be engaging, enjoyable and educational all the while preparing the children for their future of lifelong learning.

We believe that children’s growth of knowledge depends on their capabilities and confidence in effective learning in this ever-changing world. By encouraging children to have active participation in their early lives, they are highly motivated to learn through self-experience. In the course of exploration in our enriching, stimulating, safe and caring school, children are able to develop to their full potential so that they may overcome challenges in the future through resilience and coping skills.

Our programmes aim at fostering children’s individuality and building up their interests towards learning. We are confident that we are able to assist our children to achieve their best and get prepared for the future. We endeavour to provide the best high-quality education and learning opportunities to all our children. We are committed to encouraging children to build a high level of self-esteem and self-worth as well as being a positive role model for each other.

We strive to provide each and every child with a High Quality Educational Program that best suits their needs and interests for their future of lifelong learning. See how our curriculum can help.