[The Standard] Box Hill International Kindergarten & Preschool believes that kindergarten is the first step of lifelong learning, and children should develop a love and interest towards learning from an early age. Box Hill achieves this through a child-centred curriculum, and there was an excellent example with the recent resumption of face-to-face classes.

One of the classes showed great interest in food and café, hence the teachers and children decided to run their own café in class; catering to children’s interest and needs related to the topic. They started off with deciding what food and drinks to serve, the pricing, menu design, set-up and the name of the café.

Through this activity, the children’s learning covered all the seven areas of development in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework through hands-on experiences. At the same time, children learned Chinese when they designed and wrote the menu. The teachers had received numerous positive feedbacks from the children themselves, their parents, as well as the other classes. This is how BoxHillians learn in school, and Box Hill would love to share this passion and love for education with you! Please contact Box Hill for more information on their education and enrichment programmes to experience their way of learning!