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Creativity and creative expression enables children to develop their thought processes and can provide opportunities for problem solving, negotiation and collaboration, all of which are key life skills. Offering chances to use their imaginations, experimenting with feelings and physical play can help build coping skills and navigate social nuances. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Suzannie Leung and her presentation on how creativity can help a child’s development, as she will offer valuable parenting tips on this topic.

About Dr. Suzannie Leung

Dr. Suzannie Leung is an assistant professor of Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is a registered kindergarten teacher and a qualified kindergarten principal. With over ten years of educational experience in a variety of settings, she has engaged in kindergarten teacher education, curriculum development, programme design for gifted children and curatorial work of early childhood art exhibitions. Her research interest focuses on curriculum studies, teacher education and children’s learning. Her academic works explored multidisciplinary and integrative approaches in Hong Kong education settings and her works were recognized by several overseas academic journals.

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