[The Standard] Underscoring quality education in the children’s best interest, Box Hill (HK) International Kindergarten and Preschool cultivates confident and multilingual lifelong learners for a globalised world.

Originating from Australia, Box Hill established its first Hong Kong campus in 2004 with the aim of providing a delightful early childhood education to young children ages 0 to 6. Over the years, the school has expanded to four campuses located in Ma On Shan, Fo Tan, Tseung Kwan O, and Kwai Chung respectively. 

In line with its mission of cultivating confident global citizens with multilingual ability and a passion for learning, the school has embraced the British National Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS), coupled with its own special features.

A well-balanced British curriculum

 In implementing the framework, the school ensures children achieve a holistic development in seven learning areas: communication and language; personal, social, emotional and physical developments; literacy development; mathematical development; expressive arts and design; understanding of the world; and Box Hill also provides a strong foundation in Chinese Language learning.

“This well-balanced approach is especially important for the result-oriented Hong Kong society, as it helps children develop both soft and hard skills, enhancing their all-round growth,” says Brandy Wo, principal of the Tseung Kwan O campus. 

Mandy Kaur, principal of the Fo Tan campus, adds that the British curriculum is beneficial for graduates. “The UK curriculum gives our graduates an advantage to adapt better to both local primary schools and other international school systems.” 

Quality language learning environment

 Box Hill understands that language proficiency is key for children to survive and shine in a globalised world. Therefore, the school uses English as the medium of learning and communication, with Cantonese and Mandarin as a supplement. 

“Everyone at our school speaks English at all times, except during the Cantonese and Mandarin lessons,” says Brandy. On the other hand, the school also adopts a progressive learning approach in offering Chinese learning based on the learners’ abilities and needs. 

With both their boys studying at Box Hill, the two principals take pride in the school’s Chinese learning. Through a series of theme-related activities, children will learn the languages naturally during their time spent in school, even if there is no Chinese support at home. “My son learns a lot at school and is keen to go to school every day,” shares Mandy. “He would even ask me what certain things are called in Chinese at home.” 

Carefully designed to meet the needs of children’s future pathways, Box Hill’s curriculum paves the way for any type of school. Brandy points out that students who opt for an International school will graduate at K2, while those preparing for a local primary school will stay until K3. 

“Given this arrangement, we would increase the Chinese learning time for K3 students to equip them with adequate Cantonese and Mandarin skills for a local system,” she explains. “This gives parents two years to consider the pathway for their children so that they can make the best decision based on children’s interest, needs and ability,” adds Mandy.

Distinct ‘BoxHillian Quality’

In line with its slogan, ‘confidence for a brighter future’, the school has identified seven key characteristics that benefit children’s lifelong learning, which are known as ‘BoxHillian Qualities’.

 Each quality is represented by an animal character, such as the confident lion which refers to belief in oneself and the curious monkey that stands for wondering and discovering. “We will use different activities to cultivate these characteristics in children, such as storytelling and a reward system,” notes Mandy. 

Not only useful for character education, these activities also help develop children’s interests and foster lifelong learning. “Through our quality education, we hope our children can have the curiosity to explore their surroundings, instead of waiting for people to spoon-feed them,” adds Brandy. 

New Tseung Kwan O campus

 Boasting two floors with eight classrooms, Box Hill’s Tseung Kwan O new campus sits in Mount Verdant, giving students a premier learning environment. Aside from AM and PM classes, the TKO campus also offers a whole-day class from 9:00 am to 4:15* pm (extended hours are also available, please check with the school’s arrangement). 

Featuring a wide array of facilities, the spacious campus comprises reading corners, a BoxHillian Qualities wall, and a lego wall with STEM elements where children can unleash their creativity. 

“At Box Hill, we make a point of organizing frequent joint activities with other schools,” shares Brandy. “And parents are welcome to visit the school and participate in school events.” 

Applications for admission are now open and can be made online or in person. 

*Subject to EDB’s approval