After the parent-teacher conferences, we have received some suggestions and requests for help on offering workshops to help with children’s behavior management. With this in mind, we are happy to arrange a positive parenting workshop for Box Hill parents. We will be inviting Ms Abigail Carr who has given many workshops on the above topics at other schools. She also does private consultations in family homes and works with the household to implement better parenting strategies including domestic helpers. The workshop will be presented in English only. There will be case studies up for discussion and practical tasks.

Spaces will be limited and there will be a small charge to cover Ms Carr’s fee. We will need minimum of 30 attendees to arrange this talk.

About Abigail Carr

Ms Carr works with parents to demystify their child’s early childhood learning and development and help them know deeply about their child’s growth. She supports them to reduce feelings of parent guilt by optimising all their interactions with their child so they become 100% confident in nurturing learning and behaviour, now and for the long-term.

Instagram @earlyyears_specialist

About Tseung Kwan O Campus

Our Tseung Kwan O campus recently moved into a new campus located in Mount Verdant, double in size, we are now able to accommodate a larger number of students. With an indoor play area facing the outdoors, children can enjoy the natural lighting and play happily rain or shine. With a close-knit community of parents, the school enjoys a wonderful network of support so that each child is able to succeed and thrive. Our students’ learning journey starts with parent-child classes taught by our own experienced teachers.