Drama Rama

Imaginative Play for Children to Build Confidence


2.0 - 6.0


Fo Tan


Tue, Thu, Sat




Child Only

Teacher to Student Ratio


Duration: 2 hours

What are the benefits of Drama? Drama helps children develop in many ways and is a holistic programme that is fun and educational.

Drama builds confidence, standing in front of others and speaking on a regular basis builds confidence and can also help them be more comfortable in interview situations. Drama helps concentration, they need to pay attention to know when their lines need to be spoken and they also need to learn their own lines which takes focus. Drama helps develop language and communication skills, interacting with others, talking about the story plot and also brainstorming helps them increase their vocabulary and also to express themselves. Drama encourages children to cooperate, they need to work as a team to create and implement the drama. Drama helps children to understand the world around them. Through the stories, they begin to understand a world that they may not have had exposure to.

Drama develops emotional intelligence through exploration. They are able to reflect on the characters’ emotions and see themselves. Drama assists physical development, they may need to jump, roll, dance or move in different ways to portray a character. Drama develops creativity by allowing them to come up with different ideas or suggest ways their character might act. Drama nurtures friendships, working together to complete a task gives a sense of accomplishment that they have done together. Mixed-age groups are also beneficial as they learn from each other.

    Detailed Schedule

    Fo Tan

    • 2:15 PM – 4:15 PM (Tue / Thu)


    $320 / Lesson

    Payment to be collected monthly. Please contact your preferred campus for more details on scheduling.

    • A minimum number of students should be met to open the class, and is subject to availability. Please contact your preferred campus before applying.
    • Enrolment for classes must be made for at least one month.
    • School doors will be opened 10 minutes prior to the lesson.
    • Certificates will be given each term. (Children must attend more than 75% in each term.)

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